We will customize the polygraphs for your specific needs.  There are control questions that we must ask the examinee in order to be able to determine the truthfulness of the examinee’s responses.  You however may give us input on the specific questions that you would like for the examiner to ask the examinee.  We will help you formulate the questions to eliminate ambiguities.  All employee Polygraphs are EPPA compliant and you may download the EPPA regulations, employee notification forms and consent forms that are necessary to be filled out prior to the examination. There are no surprise questions.


Additional Details

Videotaping: The client can set up a camera of their own to videotape the session as long as the examinee is aware of the recording and does not object to being recorded.

We provide a preliminary interview of the examinee prior to doing the polygraph. Most times, we will run the polygraph testing three (3) times on the examinee. At the conclusion of the polygraph testing, we also perform a post examination interview.

The typical amount of time devoted to a polygraph test is approximately two (2) hours. At the conclusion of the test, we will present you with our interpretation of the test and we will also provide a typed report of our findings by email or US Mail.

All of our polygraph instruments are digital and computerized. We do not use the old analog type of instruments.