A fidelity polygraph test can be the basis for getting to the truth and rebuilding your relationship.

We will customize the fidelity polygraph for your specific needs.  There are control questions that we must ask the examinee in order to be able to determine the truthfulness of the examinee’s responses.  There are no surprise questions.

It may be, “that they’re a really good liar” and think they can beat the test but it’s not possible. If a person attempts to conceal, it will show on the test.When a person attempts to “beat the test”, they utilize some sort of countermeasure. The only reason countermeasures are used is because the person wants to conceal a lie. This also applies to the pe4rson who makes excuses as to why they do not want to take the exam.

The typical amount of time devoted to a polygraph test is approximately two (2) hours. At the conclusion of the test, we will present you with our interpretation of the test and we will also provide a typed report of our findings that can be emailed to you and the original signed report will be sent to you via US Mail.

All of our polygraph instruments are digital and computerized. We do not use the old analog type of instruments.


I do not come to your home and I would be wary of anyone that says they will. In addition, beware of cheap polygraph tests. In many cases, they often do not provide results as expected which leads to additional expense to have the test re-done by someone else. Thomas Whiteaker is a Certified Polygraph Examiner.